• Parents may contract bus service for the students from the routes recommended by the school.
  • There are bus routes at 8:00 am and 3:00 pm (12:45 on Wednesday) to most suburbs in the area.
  • According to demand, we can offer door to door service for Montessori children at 12:00 m.
  • If parents do not want to pick up their children at the school, two shuttles are available, one to Construplaza and one to Aliss.
  • Bus fees are adjusted yearly.


Students sometimes come to the office for help with minor ailments. The school tries to avoid giving medication to a child but, since they turn to us when they are uncomfortable, we try to help them as follows:

  • We give them acetaminophen for pain or a slight fever. Aside from that, we call the parents.
  • Many parents approve and request homeopathy for their children.
  • The school will not give medication to a child without a signed permission. A form must be filled out by the parents indicating what medicine listed above each child can take.
  • If a student has a chronic illness (e.g asthma) or symptom (e.g nose bleeding) or is somewhat ill (e.g has a runny nose), parents should send whatever prescription medicine they might need and indicate the dose that school personnel should administer.
  • If a health emergency happens on school grounds, Blue Valley has a contract with “Emergencias Médicas”, a company that provides service for health emergencies. A doctor, paramedic or ambulance promptly answers our call.
  • Should the student need further care, the ambulance takes the student to the Hospital Cima with a member of our staff in the ambulance. Parents are contacted immediately.


The school has a complete cafeteria system in which students may buy a healthy well-balanced lunch. To buy food, students may use cash or their ID card (available to all students in preparatory and above), provided their parents have previously deposited, in the cafeteria, the desired amount (the ID card works as a debit card). Also, they may enjoy our terrace and eat their lunch outdoors. The cafeteria also has several microwave ovens in which the students may heat up their lunch.