In 1988, when Mrs. María Cristina Gutiérrez de Urbina returned from Stanford University with two Master of Arts degrees from its School of Education, one in Administration and Policy Analysis (APA) and one in Design and Evaluation of Educational Programs (DEEP), she brought with her a dream of creating an institution for holistic learning. Subsequently, Blue Valley School was founded in 1989.

The founders, all parents of young children at the time of the school’s inception, highly valued education and desired a school that would do an excellent job in preparing its students for a college education, while at the same time instilling the self-confidence, values, and habits needed by citizens in their pursuit of their own welfare, as well as that of the country and of fellow citizens.

The school started with a student community of thirty-eight and over twenty-five years it has grown to over 760 students attending pre-school through twelfth grade. It now occupies a purpose-built campus, regarded as one of the most beautiful and ample in the country, on the western end of the capital city of San José.