Those interested in applying to Blue Valley must first schedule an appointment with the Admissions Department. During this initial meeting parents receive information about the school philosophy and academic programs, as well as any other aspects that need clarification.

Required Documents

To begin the admission process, parents must fill out the application form and provide a copy of the birth certificate or passport, two recent photos, an updated copy of immunization records, transcripts of the last two years’ grades, a conduct report and account clearance report from the previous school.


Criteria used by the school to analyze admission applications Preschool: We prefer observation to testing for admission into preschool. Children come to spend part of a morning at school so that teachers can interact with them for approximately one hour. The teachers take note of their participation in a wide variety of activities and observe skills, such as fine motor


Tuition is paid in semester fees (which may be distributed over a maximum of five installments) from February to June and August to December (10 months per year). A 2% discount applies to semester fees paid. A 30% discount applies for the third child and beyond. Tuition fees are given in the local currency (colones) and are subject to change. The monthly installments are to be paid through the PayBAC platform.


Contact Admissions Department

If you would like further information or an appointment with an admissions officer, please leave your contact information in the following form and our admissions team will reach to you.


Apply now

Download admission aplication form here, fill in and return to