Tuition is paid in semester fees (which may be distributed over a maximum of five installments) from February to June and August to December (10 months per year).  A 2% discount applies to semester fees paid in advance before February 20 and August 20, respectively. A 30% discount applies for the third child and beyond. Tuition fees are given in the local currency (colones) and are subject to change. The monthly installments are to be paid through the PayBAC platform. PayBac link https://www.paybac.cr/paybac/bluevalley, to watch the tutorial, click here.


Enrollment Fee:

The Enrollment Fee is paid in US Dollars, and it is a one- time fee.

• Valid for the student’s school life.
• Non-transferable and non-refundable.
• Applies per student, and not per family.
• 15% discount on Enrollment Fee for BVS Alumni children
• Enrollment fees apply as follows:

$1,900.00 Montessori-ninth grade
$1,550.00 Tenth grade
$1,050.00 Eleventh grade