The goal of physical education is to equip the students with the knowledge, skills, values, and capacity to lead a life-long healthy life style. Students will develop individual sport skills, cardiovascular fitness, strength and speed. In addition, students will gain knowledge on fitness, nutrition, and sport tactics. They will have access to participate in a variety of traditional and non-traditional activities and develop social skills through an assortment of team sport activities.

In two periods a week (three in the lower grades) students also have the opportunity of socializing with students from other levels, in a pleasant and more informal situation, and venting the energy repressed during class time.

In secondary, students may opt to be excused from P.E. under certain conditions, but they should discuss with their parents that outside activities serve only part of the above purposes.

P.E. periods as well as ART periods (music, drama , and plastic arts) are meant to:

a. Ensure that students do weekly physical exercise and creative work.

b. Have them appreciate the benefits of practicing a sport and expressing themselves through art.

c. Provide a space for them to liberate the energy that progressively accumulates during academic lessons.

d. Facilitate a space for social interchange, even with students from other levels in a more informal and pleasurable environment.

Love of sports is stimulated with free of charge clubs after school where teams train to represent the school in tournaments and competitions.

Tournaments registered for 2017:

  • Action Volleyball
  • Action Soccer
  • Action Basketball
  • Torneo del Este, Basketball
  • Interscholastic Sports Festivals