Our aim is to accomplish that Art at Blue Valley becomes a means to reflect and communicate ideas with meaning, using all the possible tools, conventional and non-conventional, so students can produce meaningful artwork.

  • From the first years, students have the opportunity to experiment with techniques and learn about artists and art trends in history.
  • An essential part of our work is that students enjoy art activities in a disciplined way.

Students’ work can be appreciated in several events we realize during the year, such as:


Days of the Arts

This is an activity that includes the participation of the entire community as well as guest artists.

Art Exhibitions

  • “Museo de los Niños” – Children’s Museum: Elementary school students exhibit a selection of the work done during the semester.
  • IB Art Exhibit: International Baccalaureate Diploma and Certificate students exhibit the work done during this program in the Arts and Science Building.
  • Sala Magna: permanent exhibition of students’ artwork.

Art Competitions

We participate once a year in the “Exposición Pictórica de Arte ACEP” (Asociación de Centros Educativos Privados”, an association of private school) displayed at the “Centro Cultural Costarricense Norteamericano” (Costa Rica-North America Cultural Center.)



The music program is characterized by active involvement in creating music through voice, body movement, and practice on especially designed instruments. It recognizes the many doors through which a child can enter the musical world and provides opportunities for aural, visual, and kinesthetic learners to feel successful in music via a multi-dimensional approach. The nurturing of the whole musician who can hear, feel, understand, and physically express music contributes to the child's ability to synthesize the intellect, senses, emotions, and physical body in ways that have important implications in their total educational experience.

Starting in Montessori, the Enrichment program integrates art and music. The art program is developed along with the musical theme in the unit. In elementary school students have regular, weekly music lessons and have the option to join the school band. In middle school students take turns with music, percussion (for the school band), and drama lessons. In high school they can choose to join Blue Note, Blue Valley’s music group, and also the percussion band



To study theater is to take life’s experiences and reflect them through various characters on stage. Live theater sharpens our students’ perceptions while enhancing their creative capabilities. Theater is not just for those students who want to develop a career in acting. Theater is for everyone! Blue Valley offers elementary school students the opportunity to receive four semesters of preparation in the area of dramatic arts. During the first three semesters students learn techniques and concepts to interpret short dialogues and skits. During the fourth semester, students have the opportunity to participate in the production of a big musical performance. The drama program in middle school gives space to imagination, interpretation, and improvisation. Students have the opportunity to interpret real life situations and fiction. This way, they can also show their talents and personalities in a different area, express their inclination, and share their interpreting skills in a more liberal environment. The aim of this program is to give students the opportunity to live the dramatic arts as a life experience that enables them to use their interpreting skills including their senses, emotions, bodies, and sense of humor in a safe environment free of criticism and guided by a teacher.