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Blue Valley is a private, bilingual, international school that offers a rigorous American curriculum, yet is rooted in local culture and includes a strong Spanish program.

Montessori Preschool:

Parents interested in BVS are encouraged to visit the school and schedule an appointment with the Admissions Department, where they will receive relevant information and a tour of the campus.

To enroll in our Montessori preschool, children must be between three and a half and five years old. However, it is convenient to begin the application process in advance: parents must fill out an application form, present a birth certificate, passport photocopy, two recent photographs, and the updated vaccination record.

Parents of candidates will attend a meeting where the General Director will explain the principles and philosophy of Blue Valley. When applicants confirm their interest, they will be given a pass with the date and time to visit the Montessori environment and participate in regular activities. Experienced teachers observe the children and take note of their competences, skills, and readiness, assigning points to complete a cohort with similar maturity traits.

Once the cut is made, according to the number of spaces available, parents are called to hear if they can enroll their child or if it’s better for the student to wait some more time. Students with siblings in the school have priority but must also meet the requirements for all applicants.

When parents decide to enroll their child, they must pay an admission fee that is valid throughout his or her school life at BVS. Once enrolled, the student belongs to the Blue Valley School student body and thus receives all the benefits this implies. Parents pay the tuition for the semester when the child starts school.


Those interested in applying to Blue Valley must first schedule an appointment with the Admissions Department. During this initial meeting parents receive information about the school philosophy and academic programs, as well as any other aspects that need clarification.

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