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Blue Valley is a private, bilingual, international school that offers a rigorous American curriculum, yet is rooted in local culture and includes a strong Spanish program.

Academic Fair

In an effort to share what the students have been learning in either math or science, BVS holds a yearly fair in which all children participate. Students prepare varied projects, experiments, labs, or other demonstrations to share their knowledge, using their creativity in various ways. Parents and students visit the final display of these amazing projects in the classrooms.

Book Month

Once a year, one month is dedicated to literature. Students are bombarded with books, readers, authors, storytellers, poetry, and other sources of reading.  All this is done with the purpose to promote and enhance our literature programs.

Family Day

Every year, parents, teachers, and students gather on a Saturday to celebrate Family Day. It is an alternative to individually celebrating Father’s Day or Mother’s Day, in which children whose parents cannot accompany them may suffer. On Family Day even the extended family can participate. We have games, music, food, shows, and other fun activities that bring the entire school community together.

Day of the Arts

All BVS students join efforts to celebrate art in a different fashion, performing, creating, and learning different techniques, which culminates in a school-wide exhibit. Parents are invited to attend and along with the students and teachers, visit the classrooms to appreciate everyone’s work.


Following the Day of the Arts, a choral concert takes place on a lovely evening. It is a magnificent opportunity to put together and listen to more than 400 children’s voices singing together, coordinated by their music teacher.  Families and staff attend this event to celebrate the students’ effort.


Fourth and fifth graders, directed by the drama teacher, present an annual production to demonstrate their performance skills learned and developed throughout the year. Parents, staff, and other students, as spectators, are delighted to attend this production every year.

Overnight Field Trips

Fourth and fifth graders, along with their teachers and other members of the staff, go on 2-3 day field trips out of the city as part of their social studies/science studies. Follow-up activities take place after these excursions, leaving a significant path of knowledge and great social growth amongst the children.

Talent Show

Allowing for the school community to show appreciation for a wide variety of aptitudes shown by the children, a thematic talent show takes place every year. As a celebration for Children’s Day, there is one day dedicated to acknowledge and admire the students’ artistic talent. The audience, students, teachers, and parents, respond with awe and respect to the wonderful presenters’ efforts and skills.

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