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Blue Valley is a private, bilingual, international school that offers a rigorous American curriculum, yet is rooted in local culture and includes a strong Spanish program.



Blue Valley students will learn in such a way that they become life-long learners. To accomplish this, they will not only be exposed to a body of knowledge that will allow them to make the best use of their intellectual capacities, but to the skills necessary to become independent learners. They will understand that learning can help to justify one's existence because it leads to improvement as a human being. As a result, Blue Valley students will find joy and satisfaction in learning that will not end upon graduation.
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Program Methodology

Our academic programs are designed to sequentially increase conceptual demands in order for students to learn more and internalize them better. Our mainstream courses prepare students well for college admissions, but we also provide demanding options for those who wish to take higher-level courses. Four principles support the implementation of our rigorous academic demands: time on task counts, students are addressed at their level of understanding, concepts should be meaningful, and proper learning resources are available and utilized (field trips, technology).

Subject Description

We consider the academic aspect our salient responsibility because we share with family and society the important emotional, psychological, and social development of our youngsters. But because both foci are inseparable we orientate our intellectual approach to strengthen the other areas, in the process helping them develop soft skills essential for a productive adult life.
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Electives Information

Blue Valley also offers a variety of elective courses at the high school level to allow students to design a program that better fits their specific needs and interests. Electives are designed to assist those interested in an academically intensive program, and to meet the needs of those interested in a general course of study that will broaden their horizons and expose them to different career paths. Starting in ninth grade, high school students complement their program with elective subjects, some of which are academic intensive and others academic supportive. This entitles them to design a heavier or lighter workload.
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Community Service

To comply with required community service credits, students can perform service during elective periods or in well-documented personal projects. Occasionally community service is integrated with science in educational field trips. As electives, the activities encourage contact with less privileged communities, by teaching English to at risk teenagers (ESL) or helping children from a nearby public school with their reading process. Students can also receive credit for their contributions to the community in certain courses such as recycling and environmental education (offers change every semester according to demand).


As a first step, those interested in applying to Blue Valley set an appointment with the Admissions Department. In said meeting, parents receive information about the school philosophy and academic programs, as well as any other aspect that needs clarification
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Student Services

In secondary school, three counselors provide support to students and teachers at their assigned levels. They communicate with parents to benefit the student when the situation warrants it. This support includes emotional, disciplinary, and academic follow-up. The counselors and the director of the department have an open door policy at all times for students, teachers and parents.


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