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Blue Valley is a private, bilingual, international school that offers a rigorous American curriculum, yet is rooted in local culture and includes a strong Spanish program.

Starting in ninth grade, high school students complement their basic academic program with a variety of elective courses that allow them to design a program that better fits their specific needs and interests. Electives are designed to assist those interested in an academically intensive program and to meet the needs of those interested in a general course of study that will broaden their horizons and expose them to different career paths. The students can select academic intensive courses or others called academic supportive, which entitles them to design a heavier or lighter workload.

Elective program objectives:

A. Academic objectives:

  1. To allow students to complement the five core courses (math, science, English, Spanish and social studies) with more (or less) academically demanding subjects.
  2. To offer courses on diverse topics which aren’t necessarily part of the regular program.
  3. To offer students the possibility of taking courses addressing topics in the career they are presently considering.

B. Formative/Affective objectives:

  1. To challenge students with alternatives and empower them to make wise decisions.
  2. To allow bonding among students across levels, as they share with different classmates.
  3. To practice course selection and schedule design, in order to prepare students for their undergraduate studies.
  4. To assume responsibility for choices. Students must be informed about course offerings and make decisions according to their graduation requirements or future career choice.
  5. To begin the semester with a positive and creative exchange between students and the Student Services department.

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