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Blue Valley is a private, bilingual, international school that offers a rigorous American curriculum, yet is rooted in local culture and includes a strong Spanish program.

The librarians collaborate with teachers in research from elementary up to IB. In middle school, the eighth grade students come to the library weekly for their Research Class. The students form teams to critically analyze materials and various sources of information on their chosen topic. They attend conferences and watch videos in order to prevent plagiarism as they work on their theses.
All of the students from preparatory up to fifth grade visit the library each week. They come with their English teacher for instruction on how to employ the library’s database and how to responsibly and ethically choose, evaluate and use the information, and select appropriate reading material in accordance with their grade level.
AIR is a bi-weekly class in which selected students engage in a small group literature circle to read and discuss novels appropriate for their grade level. They engage in analysis and comprehension of the text, as well as evaluating the author’s message and writing style. AIR promotes the love of literature and enhances reading and writing skills
The Librarians, in collaboration with the Spanish teachers, offer workshops in Spanish for students in 4th and 5th grade in Basic and Advanced Poetry and Literature Appreciation. • Taller de Poesía (Poetry Workshop) Children learn to explore their feelings as they write various kinds of poetry. The workshop concludes with a poetry recital of original works. • Taller de Lectura (Reading Workshop) Students are motivated to improve fluency, pronunciation, intonation and comprehension by reading digital and printed books to practice their skills.
Students in elementary select at least one book to read during their free time during the vacations. Reading for pleasure allows students to improve their reading and avoid the decline of reading levels acquired during the previous semester. Upon returning to school, students share the assigned activity with their teacher and classmates.
We celebrate Book Month every year with activities shared in the classrooms and during the elementary assemblies. Parents are invited to be guest readers. Last year’s theme was Poetry & Shel Silverstein. Teachers inaugurated the event with a Poetry Slam and the students enjoyed many activities, especially “Reading Together Tonight.”

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