Blue Valley es un centro educativo privado bilingüe con un currículo norteamericano e internacional enraizado en la cultura local, destacando además la calidad del programa de español.

Our BVS-IB Program has been developed in accordance to the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program of international education offered to a worldwide community of schools.

As required by the IB the program, our BVS-IB program includes a curriculum and applies assessment procedures, which follows standards of education that are internationally recognized.

At Blue Valley we believe in character development and providing a learning environment that encourages individuals to express their views, grasp challenges enthusiastically and assume with responsibility the inherent consequences of such freedom.

Thus, it is our philosophy that any student that has the desire and formal commitment to embark upon the academic journey of going into the BVS-IB program has the opportunity to do so. It is this fundamental belief that sets apart the BVS-IB program from other IB world schools.

At Blue Valley we truly believe in our students and their future, we are investing in the leaders of tomorrow.
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The BVS-IB Diploma Program is a challenging two-year program. Our students are truly exposed to what is stated by our school´s mission statement and the IB Learner Profile.

To offer a cutting edge academic preparation and ensure that our students become individuals guided by a strong moral compass. A proper balance between the Humanities and the Sciences will support our academic goals. Blue Valley School models and teaches students to become architects of their destiny, wise decision makers, prudent risk takers, and active participants in local and global communities, safeguarding individual and collective rights and responsibilities inherent to a free society”.

Blue Valley School (2013), Mission Statement, School Manual

The Diploma Program prepares the students for the demands they will be faced with in the current globalized economy. High standing universities around the world recognize the rigors to which students are exposed and the level of excellence and ethical behavior required to be able to attain the credit.


At BVS, we continually invest in our staff of IB teachers by providing up to date training and the required resources that enable them to provide stimulating and challenging courses. Blue Valley offers two sessions during the course of a year. This allows students to take their exams either in the May/November session.


By the end of the two-year program the BVS-IB student acquires the IB Diploma and at the same time the Blue Valley High School Diploma and the “Bachillerato de Enseñanza Media” thus complying with norms from the Costa Rican Ministry of Education. 


All IB World Schools must comply with the general six subject groups and core subjects.


Thus, as world schools we are entitle to develop our own curriculum to meet the general needs of our students. For that reason our BVS-IB curriculum offers the following subjects.

IB Diploma Program BVS-IB Diploma Program
Group 1 & 2 English HL & Spanish HL
Group 3 Business and Management SL & Economics SL
Group 4 Chemistry (SL & HL) & Physics (SL & HL)
Group 5 Math Studies SL & Mathematics SL
Group 6 Visual Arts (SL & HL


Additionally to this subjects the student must comply with the core composed by: TOK (Theory of knowledge), CAS (Creativity, Action and Service and the Extended Essay.


The assessment procedures applied by the BVS-IB Program follow strictly the policies and procedures developed by IB organization. Therefore, each subject is evaluated through a series of internal and external assessments, which vary accordingly to the subject matter.

External assessment exams are developed and provided by the IB organization. Henceforth, applied to students simultaneously around the world, timed and safely kept in order to protect their integrity.

BVS-IB Community

ib-comunityAt BVS-IB we are a team conformed by students, teachers and parents. All members are an integral part of the program contributing and supporting each other.

It is this relationship among the team members that enables the students to grow as balanced individuals, moral abiding and tolerant to the differences that arise from an enriched and diverse environment.

Consequently, communication is a crucial element to maintain ties among the BVS-IB team members. For that matter, the BVS-IB Community has a dedicated page in the Blue Valley Edmodo web page where everyone has access to the following information:

• Subject Syllabus and Pacing
• Weekly Plans
• General news and event information



The IB Program was a turn point in my discipline and knowledge. It showed me my self-potential and how much I can push myself to achieve goals. It definitely has made my life easier through making me know myself. Remuneration is self-accomplishment, confidence, and pride.

Daniel Araya- BVS-IB 13th Generation

I never thought I would complete my IB once there were only a few months left. I thought I would not make it because it was so hard but it was the time for me to do even better and continue giving the best of me. And I did. The IB program has contributed a great sense of responsibility and organization not only in academics but in my daily life. It has given me the opportunity to grow as a person and both form and prepare myself for who I want to be and the goals I want to achieve. Many Colleges had offered me scholarships only for having completed the IB and now I am leaving to a great University to pursue my vocation and future career.

Maripaz Casas – BVS-IB Generation 13th

I decided to only take Economics instead of the whole IB program. It’s a course that will be useful no matter what you decide to study in college. In my case, I had to take some courses in college related to Economics, and it really helped me to have that previous knowledge. I recommend that you take at least one IB class and I guarantee that it will benefit you somehow.

Brian Harrington –IB generation 13th

The IB Program taught me about my own limits, about my capacity to withstand adverse situations and emerge victorious. Academically, it prepares you for the future and gives you a head start on essential skills needed for modern living. Personally, it teaches many valuable lessons on patience, perseverance, and struggle. If you are up for the challenge, go for it. What you learn is well worth the sacrifice.

Alejandro Faerron- BVS-IB Generation 14th

Note: Ms. Lurie is also going to provide with current information regarding the universities and students that are enrolled abroad. She will have it ready Wednesday August 7th.


Video by BVS-IB student, Gabriela Zumbado

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