Blue Valley es un centro educativo privado bilingüe con un currículo norteamericano e internacional enraizado en la cultura local, destacando además la calidad del programa de español.


Blue Valley ofrece posiciones para docentes y personal administrativo semestralmente, ya que tiene dos programas anuales: uno adaptado al horario de clases costarricense y el otro adaptado al horario norteamericano. Los nuevos docentes pueden iniciar funciones a mediados de enero o a mediados de julio.
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Blue Valley School

Tel: (506) 2215-2204

Fax: (506) 2215-2205


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  • I experienced those feelings when departing Costa Rica in March of 2007 and have not fully emotionally recovered from losing a life experience I hold so deep in my heart. July 2000 was my first semester at BVS. I fell in love from day one. I looked forward to my job every day. BVS completed me as a professional in education. It encompassed all that I had read about and philosophized about in regards to effective education.Teach, assess and form citizens.
    Ms. Teacher 2000 - 2007
  • Al salir yo de Blue Valley, mi hija continuó creciendo al lado de ustedes, de grandes maestros, maestras y profesores quienes con gran cariño y profesionalismo la ayudaron a crear la joven mujer que se graduó de bachillerato y de IB hace dos años. La preparación que recibió en BVS fue fundamental para su aceptación en diferentes universidades en Estados Unidos, el otorgamiento de becas y su ingreso a una de ellas......
    Mrs. Mother and Ms. Teacher 1992 to 2002
  • The freedom students have to handle themselves appropriately, whether it be in class or during their free time, is a valuable life skill. This is the first school I have seen that puts such a strong emphasis on fostering this skill. I have had several doubts about the idea of teaching in the States in the future because I strongly disagree with the way education is going in the States. I think Blue Valley has made me a much stronger teacher than I ever imagined being in my third year of teaching. I have the administration, and all my coworkers to thank for that! I feel extremely honored to be a part of this staff.
    Ms. Teacher 2013 – 2014
  • You have a very special and vibrant learning culture. Your students are most fortunate!
    Ms. NEASC Evaluator. FS14
  • Es impresionante lo bien preparados que llegamos a college los graduados de Blue Valley.
    Mr. Student. Class of SS13 presently at Pomona University
  • Just so you know, some of my fondest professional memories also took place at Blue Valley School. You really did a great job in establishing a well-run center of intellectual curiosity and of attracting bright students and good teachers.
    Mr. Teacher 1996 to 2002

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Blue Valley School

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