Blue Valley es un centro educativo privado bilingüe con un currículo norteamericano e internacional enraizado en la cultura local, destacando además la calidad del programa de español.

A Learning Culture

Message from the General Director:

I founded the Blue Valley School with a vision that learning doesn’t just develop minds, but changes lives. A truly educated person will behave differently at home, at work, and in society. I also believe in teaching students how to learn, and inculcating them with a lifelong love of learning.

At Blue Valley, we teach our students, from a young age, to work independently and to be active participants in their learning by allowing them to making their own educational choices. Starting in Montessori and continuing through elementary, the cycle culminates in secondary, when students choose courses congruent with their interests and abilities, aligned with the career paths they feel drawn towards.

One highlight of our academic structure is that we treat each bi-annual semester as a stand-alone educational module: a school year starts both in February and in July. This allows us to accommodate to any previous school schedule of the incoming student and enables us to place new students with children closest to their own age. If a student is worthy of acceleration, he or she can leap ahead by one semester. If a student has not performed satisfactorily, he or she will have to repeat one semester, but not the whole grade. To find out more, please go to Academic Levels in our webpage.

I see academic achievement as consisting of two aspects: the acquisition of knowledge and the credential one receives for acquiring it. Supposedly one can’t happen without the other, but there are occasions where people have much knowledge and no credential (for example, the self-taught), and those with credentials and insufficient knowledge (for example, where the grades have been achieved without real effort). At Blue Valley we strive to make sure both go hand in hand. Our evaluations reflect the percent-age of knowledge acquired: we do not inflate grades. Advanced high school courses and IB courses are graded on a different scale so that they reflect the commensurate difficulty of the subject matter.

We also strive to produce good citizens who care about their town, city, country, and the world. Besides being well informed about local and global issues through curriculum in civics, history, and government, all Blue Valley students participate in community service projects.

Our goal is for our students to learn more and better. We design our curriculum with methodologies adjusted to their level of understanding. We are a leader in the use of educational technology, and annually host WeLe@rn, an educational technology conference. We provide opportunities for enriched learning and acceleration to students who desire greater challenges, and support and tutoring to those who are having difficulties.

Educational studies have indicated that the ability to function well as part of a team is an important predictor of success in the workplace. We foster the development of this crucial skill by having students work not only individually, but also with a partner, as part of a small group, and on collaborative projects involving the whole class.

I invite you to explore our website to receive fuller explanations of all these facets of the Blue Valley experience.

I am proud of how far we have come in these last twenty-eight years, and am excited about our present expansion and improvements to the campus. I welcome you to get in touch with our registrar María Lara at (country code 506) 2215-0189, or to email her at with your questions. I also invite you to contact us to arrange for a visit to our beautiful campus

Yours sincerely,

We Are Here!

Blue Valley School

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